Why Oxford IELTS?

If a native English speaker took this test without focused preparation, there's a chance he/she wouldn't reach a high score. That's because there are specific language skills along with conventions and procedures you must know in order to be successful in this exam.

Our IELTS preparation course is specifically focused on the skills you'll need for the test itself.

  • Our team includes expert teachers and course authors who have been preparing students successfully since IELTS started 22 years go.
  • We are intimately familiar with the exam and know the exact strategies you need to improve your band score.
  • Some of these strategies are very simple, some are more in-depth, but putting them into practice will make all the difference to your score.

Interactive teaching gives proven high scores

Our IELTS test preparation course is interactive – you'll receive immediate feedback on your exercises with advice and tips on how to improve your performance. Our excellent results prove the great benefits to studying in this way rather than working alone.